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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

USOTSUKI - Hataage undou (english translation)

This one is a little sketchy, but I feel good about some parts of it.

旗揚げ運動 / Army-Raising Exercises

Music and Lyrics: Masakazu Takeda

Lift your right hand
Lower your left hand
Don't lift either hand
Every day, we're being forced to dance

Lift your right hand
And, of course,
Lower your right hand,
And, of course,
Don't let your right hand stay down
And, of course, remember to keep shifting between those positions again and again
Raise the corners of your mouth up into a wide angle
Show off your white teeth
That's how you form a smile, isn't it?

When it's time to relax, we head to a stylish cafe
I let out a sigh of relief, but suddenly,
After a glance out the window, a destined person appears*
I start to blush, and I feel something special
I wonder if this could be love?

Don't lift your right hand
Don't drop your left hand
Don't drop your right hand
Lower your left hand
Don't lower your left hand
Lift your right hand
We're ready to throw up our hands in defeat

And that's okay
It's just about beginner's luck
You're happy because you're lucky
And it's okay to do a nonchalant victory pose
However, reality isn't sweet like that
After just one defeat, it's all over
Life is a one-match game, and it's now or never

Every day, it feels like I'm bound
Every day, I'm bound
So my body moves jerkily, like I'm doing a robot dance

But, if you don't mind me being like this,
If I'm okay like this,
Even though it's so hard to say...
I say “Shall we dance?”**

Even though we're being forced to dance,
All we can do is continue dancing
In this world, we just go from dance to dance, dance to dance
You might as well enjoy the ride
I don't know any clever steps,
But still, I go dance to dance, dance to dance
Following the rhythm, I keep dancing***

Bring your nose up****
Try to narrow your mouth
Because that's sure to make it form a smile

*, **, ***Really not sure about these lines
****Literally, it's something like “Make your nose find your head”, and what I'm picturing is the way your nose kind of wrinkles up and gets shorter when you laugh. Not sure if that's anywhere close to right, but try wrinkling your nose and trying to make your lips thin at the same time - you do end up smiling.

旗揚げ運動 / Hataage undou

Migite o agete
Hidarite o sagete
Ryoute o agenaide
Odorasarete iru mainichi sa

Migite o agete
Migite wa sagete
Migite o sagenaide
Nitensanten wa atarimae
Koukaku o agete
Shiroi ha o misete
Egao no tsukuri-kata wa
Konna kanji da kke

Chikara o nuite toki ni wa oshare na KAFE de
HOtto natte FUtto shite
CHIRAtto mado no soto mitsumete
Suteki na unmei no hito arawarete
POtto natte GUtto kite
Hyotto shite koi ka mo nante ne

Migite o agenaide
Hidarite o sagenaide
Migite sagenaide
Hidarite sagete
Hidarite sagenaide
Migite o agete
Oteage joutai sa

Sore de ii no da BIGINAAZU RAKKU datte
Shiretto GATTSUPOOZU sureba ii
Da ga shikashi genjitsu wa amaku nai zo
Ikkai kiri de HAI shuuryou
Matta nashi no ipponshoubu desu

Ganjigarame no mainichi da
Ganjigarame no mainichi da
Karada wa GIKUSHAKU shite shimau kara
ROBOTTO DANSU mitai ni natteru yo

Demo, konna boku demo ii nara,
Konna boku demo ii nara,
Totemo ii tsurai koto nan dakedomo
SHARU UII DANSU tte iu hanashi desu.

Odorasarete tatte
Odori-tsuzukeru shika nai n da
Douse nara tanoshimeba ii
Kinokiita SUTEPPU nante wakaranai sa
Odori ni notte
Odori-tsuzukeru no

Jibun no hana no
Atama o mitsume
Kuchi o subomete-mite
Kitto egao ni nareru kara


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