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Monday, 28 December 2015

04 Limited Sazabys - Me? (english translation)

I'm not very confident about this one. It's a fairly simple song, but I feel like I'm missing the mark with at least a few of these lines.


Music and Lyrics: GEN

Oni-san, follow the sound of my clapping*
All the people around me are acting too familiar
Where are you from?**
I found you
All the people around me are confusing

It’d be nice to go to your city
After all, it’s not too far away
Undo your shackles
Shine a light down by your feet***
Thanks for giving me peace of mind

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?
That I could be with you forever
But, but, but…

“Wo ai ni”**** wow
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
The two seconds when your eyes meet mine
They’re a huge challenge for me
I already can’t go back to how I was

“Wo ai ni” wow
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Your eyes meet mine for two seconds
But I immediately start feeling insecure
I can’t believe it

“Wo ai ni” wow
I need you
This is all your fault

*”Oni-san kochira te no naru hou e” is a song that kids sing while playing blindfolded tag. The person who is “it” is blindfolded and the other kids clap their hands to try to lead them in the right direction
**Apparently “anta-gata doko sa” is also a song kids sing while playing. I’m not familiar with this game, but here’s a description of it:!anta-gata-doko-sa/cveq
***To light their way so the person doesn’t trip while walking in the dark
****Mandarin Chinese for “I love you”


Oni-san kochira te no naru hou e
Narenareshii hito bakkari da
Anta-gata doko sa
Kimi o mitsuketa
Magirawashii hito bakkari da

Iketara ii na kimi no machi made
Taishita kyori demo nai kara ne
Ashikase hazushi
Ashimoto o terashi
Anshin kurete arigato ne

Kantan ni shinjirarenai naa
Eien ni kimi to
Demo demo demo demo demo

Wo ai ni WOW
Kimi no me ni me ga attara ni-byou da
Korya nandai mou modorenai

Wo ai ni WOW
Kimi no me ni me ga attara ni-byou da
Demo totan ni fuan shinjirarenai

Wo ai ni WOW
Kimi no sei da yo


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