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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Yellow Studs - Silece (english translation)

This is probably not the most accurate translation, so don't take my word for it if something sounds off, but I think the basic idea is there.

サイレース / Silece*

Music and Lyrics: Taichi Nomura

It’s Halloween in the city
The pumpkins are laughing
More importantly than that kind of thing**
Work is piling up

Silece, without you
I can’t sleep
Hurry up and dissolve for me

It’s Halloween in the city
The pumpkins are shining
My umbrella was stolen, and we got wet
Should we go home?

I crunch it between my teeth
Let’s go to sleep
Hurry up and dissolve for me

Shibuya is doing great business with cute costumes
It feels like we’re getting a little older

What should we do?
Is it okay to mess around?
Is it okay to decorate?

Well, goodnight

Tomorrow as well, let’s walk

So we can decorate

So we can laugh

*So, I wasn’t paying attention and I read the title as “Silence” when I first listened to this song. It’s “Silece”, which is apparently a name used in Japan for Rohypnol. Definitely sounds much darker after finding that out.

From Wikipedia: “In Japan, flunitrazepam is marketed by Japanese pharmaceutical company Chugai under the tradename Rohypnol, by Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai under the name of Silece and by some manufacturers as generic drugs. Flunitrazepam is indicated for the treatment of insomnia as well as used for preanesthetic medication.”

**I’m not sure about this

サイレース / SAIREESU

Machi ja HAROUIN
Kabocha ga waratte iru
Sonna koto yori mo
Shigoto ga yamazumi

SAIREESU, omae nashi ja
Nemure ya shinai
Hayaku tokete okure

Machi wa HAROUIN
Kabocha ga hikatteru
Kasa ga mesumareta
Nurete kaerou ka

Kamikudaite sa
Nemuri ni tsukou
Hayaku tokete okure

Kawaii ishou de shibuya wa nigiwatteru
Bokura wa sukoshi furoku natteru-rashii

Nani o shitara ii n dai?
Odokerya ii no kai?
Kazarya ii no kai?

Mou oyasumi

Ashita mo arukou

Kazaru tame ni

Warau tame ni

Done from curtain booklet

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