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Thursday, 10 March 2016

yorunitokeru - Chikashitsu no natsu –replay ver.- (english translation)

地下室の夏 -replay ver.- / Basement Summer –replay ver.-

Music and Lyrics: Fuse Tatsuaki

I wanted to go to a hill where we could get a view of the sea
But even a trivial wish like that won’t come true now
Your lungs have filled with white sand
Even your corpse is beautiful

I want to go to the place where you’re sleeping
Because I have nothing but a bouquet of flowers
The red stain is still left on my white shirt
Because after I atone for what I’ve done, I’m going to see you

Now, I’m still tied to you like this
It’s all your fault
It’s all because I found you*

The seaside suicide I witnessed as I was told to**
Your laughing face, I saw it with my own eyes on that seaside in August when I buried you

In the basement, I bear the weight of my crime
I hold onto this secret that belongs to just the two of us

*Could also be something like “It’s your fault for discovering me”
**I’m really not sure about this line, and I feel like it really changes the story. The “suicide” part is what’s throwing me. I don’t get whether the girl committed suicide in front of him and he feels responsible, if the two of them had some sort of suicide pact where she asked him to kill her and he did it, but backed out when it was time to kill himself, or if she asked him to kill her and he's trying to atone for it by killing himself as well. I think the third one is the most likely because it seems like he’s at the beach with the intention of committing suicide, and it lines up the best with the excerpts of the letter in the video, which say “So you can be the last thing I remember”, “End it, here”, “Before the next September comes”

地下室の夏 -replay ver.- / Chikashitsu no natsu –replay ver.-

Umi no mieru oka e ikitai
Sasai na koto, mou kanawanai
Shiroi suna de hai o mitashita
Shitai sura kirei de kimi wa

Kimi ga nemuru basho e ikitai
Hanataba dake motte iku kara
Shiroi SHATSU no aka wa nokoshite
Tsugunatta ato de ai ni iku kara

Ima, boku wa koushite
Ima, boku wa koushite
Tsunagarete iru
Kimi no sei da
Mitsukatta sei da yo

Iwareta toori ni tachi-atta SUUSAIDO SHIISAIDO
Warau kao, mitodokete kimi o umeta hachi-gatsu no SHIISAIDO

Chikashitsu de tsumi o daite
Futari dake no himitsu o daite


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