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Monday, 25 April 2016

Good Morning America - Hikari to natte (english translation)

光となって / I’ll become the light

Music and Lyrics: Shingo Kanehiro

9000 metres up in the sky,
A passenger plane is flying carelessly over the worries and melancholy of this world

You say I’m kind of useless*
But I’m working up a sweat internally**

I can already see you shining beautifully now
So I can ensure that your brilliance and the bond we share don’t fade away,
I’ll sing a song
And I’ll become the light that shines down, illuminating the path in front of you

Tonight as well, we’re going to wave to each other in front of the station
And I’m going back to the everyday life I've gotten sick of living again

I see you off, and then I’m all alone again
I try to sing
And I pour countless feelings into the planets and stars up in the night sky

Tomorrow as well, I’ll keep living
So I don’t lose against your heart while I’m fighting through the days,
I’ll sing a song
I’ll live my boring everyday life the way that you would
And I’ll become the light that shines down, illuminating the path in front of you

*,** I feel like I'm reading these lines wrong, but I'm not sure the other way I'm thinking of reading them makes any more sense...

光となって / Hikari to natte

Joukuu kyuu-sen MEETORU no ryokakuki ga
Kotomonage ni chijou no nayami mo yuuutsu mo
Tobikoete iku

Jibun wa dame nante
Anata wa iu kedo
Hitoshirezu ni
Asemizu nagashiteru
Anata wa ima mo

Kakkoyoku hikatte iru you ni mieru
Sono kagayaki ga
Kono kizuna ga
Kienu you ni
Ore wa uta o utau
Anata no ashimoto o
Terasu you na
Hikari to natte
Hikari to natte

Konya mo ekimae de
Te o furi-atte sa
Itsumodoori no
Iki-akita seikatsu ni
Futatabi modotte iku

Anata o miokutte
Mata hitorikiri
Yozora no hoshiboshi ni
Omoide o ikutsu kasane

Ashita mo mata ikiru
Tatakai no hibi ni
Sono kokoro
Makenu you ni
Ore wa uta o utau
Atarimae no nichijou o
Anata-rashiku ikite to
Anata no ashimoto o terasu you na
Hikari to natte
Hikari to natte
Hikari to natte


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  1. Good morning!

    Today I was looking around on Google and happened to find your blog! Honestly I loved yours since it has the same tematic as mine! (Im also a online translator) and I was wondering if you have a "followers gadget" and an "affies page" anywhere?? I cant find it thats why I ask!

    Thank you for your time!