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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Twitter Translations

This is a general post for translations of tweets that I find interesting for whatever reason.


HIROSUKE: Drawn by Hirosuke Nishiyama. Cat towels and cat handkerchiefs.
Takeshi Ueda (AA=): Cute.
HIROSUKE: Ahaha~! If you use one of these to wipe off sweat during one of your shows big bro* I'm going to laugh.

^*HIROSUKE refers to him as "Nii-san"

Takeshi Ueda (AA=): Thank you for yesterday! Thanks to the BALZAC team, I always feel like Osaka is my home (lol). Thanks! BALZAC!
HIROSUKE: Osaka is your home! And since it is, from now on please call kitsune udon "ketsune udon"!
Takeshi: I have a sneaking suspicion that the only person who calls it "ketsune udon" is HIROSUKE...

Takeshi Ueda (AA=): This is the BALZAC parka that I'm wearing in the "M SPECIES" video. A person that "M SPECIES" was really important to, HIROSUKE, made this parka especially for the music video.
HIROSUKE: I'm honoured that you wore it!


Ikepy: Bad! Bad! Steroids are bad! Definitely.


Akihiro Namba: Iya, Ken-kun* was shining!! !!
Ken Band is the best ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Today was fun 〜☆彡
Everyone, really, thank you,,
Let's have fun tomorrow too!!!!!

Namba: I instantly understood after seeing Ken-kun's facial expressions why he was appearing on Music Station. Every second was thrilling. It was effortless, but I couldn't take my eyes off him. I was overflowing with feelings after seeing his performance. He instantly communicated his message to the entire country. I wonder if there are any other artists like that around. Ken-kun is a genius.

^*He's talking about Ken Yokoyama in both of these

Hysteric Panic

Tomo: I started a diet in preparation for the tour the other day, and it's going well at the moment because I'm already down 2~3kg, but yesterday Tackrou suddenly said "Huh? Did you gain weight?" and without thinking I responded "Huh? But I didn't gain weight! I lost weight! How did you not notice? Ugh! Men are really insensitive!" and my inner girl came out.


IRON-CHINO: Even in a group full of kind members like IRON ATTACK!, these three (Yuuma, Sakathan and Kira) are especially good people. The gap between their looks and personality is amazing.


Aki: My newly-formed band World's End Super Nova is recruiting members.
Now we're especially interested in finding someone to fill the bass&chorus and guitar&chorus roles.
We don't really care about age or gender.
If you're interested, please reply or direct message me.
I look forward to working with you.

Aki's Profile: I'm Aki, the vocalist and guitarist of World's End Super Nova. We're currently recruiting every part except for male vocals and drums. I live with a rabbit named Hamachi. I like drawing pictures. World's End Super Nova is not ready to go yet. NOA is currently on an indefinite hiatus.

Pocky: Hell is over. Not being in a band for about four months was hell, and on May 5th at the Beginning of Hell (or "Jigoku no Hajimari"?) live, that hell ended. That's good, isn't it? The support guitarist was Kenshi-kun (ex.minor ear). Thank you. First of all, I'm going to change the name.

Pocky: zigoku no hajimari (planning to change the name) has two more lives in May:
the 24th at Shinsaibashi BRONZE and the 28th at Shinsaibashi Hokage.
The band still isn't quite complete yet, but that makes it kind of interesting now.
Please come see us.

Pocky: I said it at the live today as well, but we've decided on the band name.
We're called "ダナブルー". ("DANABURUU")
Please support us.

Aki: World's End Super Nova will start live activities at Shinsaibashi Hokage on September 16th.
A lot of things happened, and it's a little late, but I think being onstage makes me happier than anything else.
There will be a lot of emotions at this live.
Please support us.

Danablu: [Notice] Around midnight today Danablu will be dropping a Christmas present. The time depends on my job. I think it will be around 1:30 am.

Danablu: [Merry Retweet]
Limited to December 24, 25
We've uploaded a video where you can listen to the full version of our new song "Head light"!!
Since it's supposed to be a Christmas present, when Christmas is over it'll disappear!!
Hurry and watch it!!


KenKen: "I knew this day would come someday.
NAKA*, welcome back.
Let's make music together again someday, okay?
I've been a big fan of your playing since I was in elementary school."

^*Former RIZE guitarist Nakao Yoshihiro, who is playing with Jesse in The BONEZ now.)

KenKen: Aa, Missile Girl Scoot are coming back today? I want to see them. I want to see them so bad I could die. And I want to play a show with them soon!

KenKen: The 13th GG is over!
I was able to meet Naoki-chan, who I just can't help loving, and I'm still hyped up.


Kiwamu: Today I was able to see Daisuke-san for just a little bit! It seems like he's having a hard time, but the whole time he was saying that he's going to try hard to fight this illness because he wants to come back to the stage quickly.

Kakeru (Scarlet Valse): I wanted to post this today. Today, I sang a song with THE SOUND BEE HD!
I wonder if this "for DaISUKE" prayer I wrote on my face for the performance reached him?

Yuu: I'll have faith and wait patiently for you. I'll do everything I can to keep THE SOUND BEE HD ready for you to pick up activities immediately when you're ready.

Dada (VELVET EDEN): Everyone is waiting for you, praying for you, so you're not alone Daisuke-san

the telephones

Nobu: Yesterday at Japan Jam! Cute GEN-chan and a cute 30 year-old prince!* #handsome guys

^*Masato Kanai from BIGMAMA

GEN: Today as well, I'm receiving Nobu-san's affection.
Nobu: So cute!

Nobu: I have an announcement!
Nobuaki Okamoto from the telephones has gotten married!!
The details are written on my blog:
^ Ishige: Congrats! Blessings from the bottom of my heart

Ishige: And with this, I'm the only single member of the telephones left~!
Well, it seems like days where I'll be immersing myself in music will be starting up soon.
I felt this way when Ryohei and Seiji-kun got married too, but the fact that my longtime friend, who also happens to be my bandmate, is getting married really makes me happy.


Wata*: Glielmo Ko-ichi from Saneru** gave me this drawing. (I don't need it, lol)
Ko-ichi: Then give it back---!

^*The owner of Trust Records, their label before they went major
**Short for THREE LIGHTS DOWN KINGS (san = 3, eru = L, so "3L")

Ko-ichi: u-ya, NORI, JUNE, thank you for the wonderful time we spent together.
I'm very grateful. So you can shine even more brilliantly in the future, I'll be cheering you on from the bottom of my heart.*

^*They just played their last live with Ko-ichi when this was posted. The other three members have announced that they will continue the band without him.

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